Friday, 2 December 2011


A Collective Noun is the name of a number of person, animals or things grouped together and spoken of as one whole.
List od Collective Nouns

a company of actors
a host of angels
a troupe of dancers
a board of directors
a party of friends

a school/ class of  pupils
a staff of teacher
an army of soldiers
a choir of singers
a gang of thieves
a swarm of bees
a flock of birds
a herd of buffaloes
a gaggle of geese
a litter of kittens

a troop of lions
a nest of mice
a team of oxen
a flight of swallows
a flock of sheep
a bunch of bananas
a library of books
a peal of bells
a pack of cards
a bouquet of flowers
a suit of clothes
a hail of fire
a crate of fruit
a group of island
a collection of pictures / stamps
a bundle of sticks
a cluster of stars / diamonds
a set/ kit of tools
a hedge of bushes

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